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Erica Lippy is a Los Angeles Native, Life + Wellness Coach, renowned fit model, and the creator of Passion Love Pursuit; an intentional movement that encourages you to become your best self—living a vibrant life more passionately and purposefully. Her 16 years of expertise and vast knowledge in design, fit, and technical detail has made Erica one of the most sought after fit models (not to be mistaken for a fitness model) in Los Angeles. Having reached success in being known for her body and curves, she knows she has a much bigger purpose to serve.

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As the host for Passion Love Pursuit podcast, Erica’s intention is to bring on guests that inspire us to become our best self, so that we might step into life more confidently, and live more passionately, and purposefully. Erica continues to strive to improve her mental and physical well-being. She shares her story openly and vulnerably, hoping that it may inspire others to find strength in their weakness, and love themselves just as they are so that they too, may flourish in life.

What began as a personal journey to become her best self, eventually led Erica to a better understanding of the mechanics that help us live a more healthy, authentic and purposeful life. Her journey has uncovered what was standing in the way all along — herself. Once changing her habits, limitations, and mindset she developed a foundation of self love, a deeper connection to self, and her new found passion and purpose. Her pursuit has led her on a journey of self mastery. In which she now shares with others how they can too master themselves. 

Erica wants to help women rediscover their light that has been dimmed by self limiting beliefs, unworthiness, or toxic relationships. For women to love how they feel in their body, develop a limitless mindset, and live life with vitality and bliss. She believes that once we become confident as our authentic self, develop a healthy mindset, and take continuous action towards the life we desire — we can then live our lives fueled with passion and grounded in love, which then we live more purposefully. 

More...about my story

At age 10, I was diagnosed with a learning disability and was told I wasn't as smart as the other kids. I allowed myself to be mistreated and disrespected in my relationships. I lacked a love for myself. At times I felt I was only seen for my body, but rarely valued for my heart and soul. A false reality that continued to dim my light to shine from within. Today that story has changed. I confidently speak my truth and value my worth. I have rebuilt my foundation of self love and rewrote the stories I once told myself...but it took work to get here. Personal struggles have lead to growth, and have been the catalyst that sparked new beginnings. My journey has taught me valuable lessons I needed to learn and only once I became aware did I find the resources that developed my inner wisdom and strength. I don't have it all figured out. My journey still continues to evolve. Although my mission is to not only continue to growth as the most vibrant version of myself, but encourage and inspire others to seek the same. I’m dedicated to helping you see strength in your struggle, become more confident in your abilities, and see life as endless possibilities that are waiting for you to take hold of and create.

- mission -

My mission is to empower, inspire, and encourage you to become the most vibrant version of your authentic self. To reclaim your radiance and inner light. To step into your greatness. To show up fully alive with your heart grounded in love. To be fueled with passion to live your life more purposefully in your relationships, career, and everyday life.

— to get rid of negative belief systems that are no longer serving you and rewrite your story to align with the truth
— to gain comfort in being vulnerable and communicate effectively in uncomfortable conversations
— to shine your light from within, that has been dimmed from unworthiness
— to show up confidently as your authentic self
— to move past your fears and allow change to transform your life
— to use your voice confidently and speak your authentic truth
— to align yourself with your vision and goals
— to get grounded in love for yourself and embrace love from another
— to create healthy boundaries to respect yourself and others
— to learn how to master your body and your mind
— to create healthy habits and rituals
— to rid yourself of a toxic relationships and environments
— to no longer seek outside validation and gain confidence in yourself
— to reconnect to your innate integrity and peace within
— to live your life passionately and purposefully

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1. a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

2. a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone




1. an intense feeling of deep affection.

synonyms: deep affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment;

2. a person or thing that one loves.

synonyms: beloved, loved one, love of one’s life, dear, dearest, dear one, darling, sweetheart, sweet, angel, honey;



1. the act of pursuing

2. an activity that one engages in as a vocation, profession, or avocation: occupation

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