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To Successfully Launch Your Podcast Without Overwhelm


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Step-By-Step Guide


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i understand, getting started can still feel frustrating, especially when you don’t know where to start or how you can

launch successfully

We will often try to google for the answers, read tons of blogs, and watch countless videos and still be confused about where to begin.

The mere thought of how to set up the techy parts of your podcast can discourage you from even starting.

 You are left wondering how to bring top guests on your show and attract listeners to your podcast.
I know it can be overwhelming when starting something new like a podcast.

Because I was just like you... Not long ago.

The idea of starting my own podcast was inspired in the midst of my own personal development.

After listening to multiple podcasts, I realized how much they were helping me on my journey to grow, evolve, and learn.

So it gave me this idea to start my own podcast. It was my way of continuing my passion to become my best self, as well as helping others on the same journey.

...but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.
After months of researching how to start, I was left more confused than when I first started.

I felt inadequate that I couldn’t get past some simple technical issues...

I felt crippled by imposter syndrome and I was fearful about messing up the launch of my podcast.

After spending another couple of months reading through blog articles, Youtube videos and short courses, I was finally able to launch my Podcast Passion Love Pursuit in 2019.

But that was just the beginning.

I faced the real test when I set up the podcast and I needed to get listeners.

It took me a while to finally find a formula that solves all the little problems I was facing...

And since then, I made it to the Top 100 Podcasts in personal development and education in more than 38 countries and also listened in over 110 countries.

We also got featured in Yahoo! Finance and Medium named as the Top 20 podcasts to be listening to. As well as the top 1.5% of podcasts globally.

I understand how it feels to have the desire to start a podcast, but being confused about where to begin

So, trust me…

That’s why I created this Podcast Playbook Course to help you succeed in podcasting, without any of the confusion or overwhelm that I went through.

Gain access to the exact steps I used to launch my podcast 

Get started with your podcast from the pro level 

Get connected to a private community of podcasters for accountability, networking, celebrating wins and the LAUNCH

Get the practical and easy set-up to record and edit your podcast, even if not tech-savvy

Learn how to book outstanding guests on your own podcast

Learn how to structure a show

Bring your idea to life and get on your way to becoming a leading podcaster

64-page working workbook with clickable videos and templates 

Module videos walking you through The Podcast Playbook course + workbook

How to create your Podcast art for free and stand out among the crowd

How to set up your podcast on Itunes and additional podcast platforms

Resources and recommendations for the equipment needed 

How to edit your podcast yourself, even if not tech-savvy

Royalty-free music resource guide

A simple template to create your show notes 

Email template to get the best guests on your show

How to optimize your video recording

Ways to prepare and promote your show with your unique branding


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