Taste of Thailand part 1|Phuket

20th Apr, 2016

Erica Lippy

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This might have been the shortest visit to a destination halfway across the globe, but I worked with the time I had. It was nothing short of magnificent, and things took an incredible, spontaneous turn.

Coming from a fit modeling job in Hong Kong, I flew to Phuket for a quick stop before continuing onto another island. Some say Phuket isn’t the best destination in Thailand; that the throngs of tourists that continually flock to the island detract from its once untouched beauty. My intent was to spend only one day at a resort and enjoy its amenities.

What a beautiful welcome from Anantara Layan Phuket Resort From the personal greeting to the welcome drink to the wonderful accommodations, I knew I had made a great choice. The buggy dropped me off at my private villa, which could not have been more perfect…except for being only one day 🙁

The Deluxe Pool Beachside Villa

Anantara Layan Phuket Resort is a tropical sanctuary in a tranquil bay setting on Phuket’s stunning west coast. It’s a luxury resort that adds a special touch to everything, and it was breathtaking to experience. The rear of the resort opens onto a secluded stretch of white sandy beach, boasting views of the turquoise Andaman Sea. So you don’t need much more that this…

The resort offered excellent amenities, including a fully equipped fitness center, Layan boxing stadium, adult games, a cliff-side wedding chapel, lawn movie nights, a to-die-for buffet, three diverse restaurants, and a full service spa.

The morning started off with a marvelous buffet, featuring the best presentation I had seen. The display and arrangement was remarkable, and the fresh, healthy food was outstanding.

The staff from Anantara was so generous in treating me to a signature 90-minute massage in a picturesque, relaxing spa. It truly was a sanctuary within a sanctuary. The spa products were infused with indigenous fruits, aromatic herbs, and rich spices highly prized for their therapeutic qualities. Welcomed with a refreshing plumeria drink, given a choice of music, and then brought to a private room set up for a couples massage was ideal. In accordance with many Asian cultures, my feet were washed before massage, which let me drift into a peaceful state in body and mind.

Perfect evening views

The selection of dining at the resort was diverse, but Thai cuisine was what I desired. I sat in the restaurant overlooking the Andaman Sea and was in awe of the beauty.

Dee Plee Restaurant

I was treated to a cocktail that came out purple, but after a stir the concoction became red. How the heck? I wondered. It was a fascinating creation.

Accompanied with my entree was an array of Thai spices.

To cap the impeccable evening, I had a swim in my private villa pool and relaxed in a warm bath filled with rose petals.


Blog, Resort, Travel, Travel Inspiration



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