Alexandria Gilleo: Biohacking Your Beauty And Wellness By Leading Beauty Expert

2nd Aug, 2021

Erica Lippy

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Excited to welcome you to my next guest on the podcast. I’m sure by now you have heard of the term Biohacking. Which has been an increasing interest for so many. At least I can speak for myself in saying it’s become intriguing to learn the resources we have available to us to biohack our health, well-being and even beauty. There are so many innovative ways we can utilize either technology or natural resources to achieve our optimum self.

Today’s episode I wanted to introduce you to ways to biohack your beauty (AKA Anti-aging tools, techniques, and resources, some free and some tools you can purchase).

My guest today is an expert in beauty and wellness and as well known as “The Beauty Biohacker.” Welcome, Alexandria Gilleo is a Global Campaign and Celebrity Makeup Artist, beauty and wellness expert, biohacker, entrepreneur and professional pivoter. After spending more than 10 years creating looks for celebrity clients and for global brand campaigns, her flourishing business came to a halt at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. 

Instead of sitting back and letting life happen to her, Alex instead turned her full attention to her passion for beauty and wellness.

During the pandemic, she opened My Zen Den, a wellness sanctuary featuring red light therapy and infrared sauna, in Beacon, NY. Her goal in opening My Zen Den was to provide her small community with access to these two beneficial wellness practices that she herself practiced daily in her own home.

Now let’s talk about this subject:

“Biohacking Your Beauty And Wellness By Leading Beauty Expert”

Learn today the tips, tool, and practices you can incorporate into your life to biohack your beauty, health, and overall well-being. My beauty and wellness expert, Alex Gill shares the resources available to look and feel your best, all while preventing aging, health problems, and feeling anything less that your optimum self.

“Don’t compare yourself to others people journey”

We Talk About:

  • The free resources available and a must to enhance our natural beauty, internally and externally
  • Tools that are proven to benefit our overall health, wellbeing and beauty
  • How we can create our own Zen space at home
  • What is Red Light therapy and its benefits 
  • Ways we can optimize our sleep
  • How she got started in makeup artistry
  • What she is known for in makeup industry
  • How did you get into biohacking
  • Enhancing your beauty internally and externally
  • How infrared sauna is beneficial
  • How consistent do you need to use red light therapy
  • Biohacking beauty purchases
  • Tools to begin with for anti aging
  • Why we should keep a food diary
  • Learning how to read labels
  • Her morning routine
  • Advice for not getting burnt out or overwhelmed in Entrepreneurship

More insight…

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Resources included in episode

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If you are on this journey too, help me find you and hashtag #Passionlovepursuit . This is an incredible journey. Let’s keep this pursuit in action!



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