Get UNSTUCK And Find Your Joy Again (In Your Career And Life) With Ashley Stahl

15th Jan, 2024

Erica Lippy

Podcasts, Purposeful Living, Transformation

Ashley Stahl shares her journey from counter-terrorism to career coaching and emphasizes the importance of finding clarity and joy in one’s career. She encourages individuals to do what they are naturally gifted at and to align their work with their core values. Ashley also discusses the power of making U-turns in life and the impact of personal branding. She concludes by urging people to embrace change and choose experiences that nourish and fulfill them.

Ashley Stahl is a counterterrorism professional turned career and public speaking coach, podcast host, and international bestselling author passionate about helping others make what she likes to call a “YOU Turn,” where they discover their truest selves, attune to their intuition and unlock greater clarity and fulfillment. With more than 8 million views, her TED talk is ranked amongst the top 100 TED talks on the Internet, and her self-development show, “The You Turn Podcast,” is ranked amongst the top 100 mental health shows in the United States. Her private coaching has also helped more than 40 storytellers book a spot on the TEDx stage– and she’s also coached them on writing their speech. Her message is this: don’t do what you love, do what you ARE.

Now let’s talk about this subject:

“Get UNSTUCK And Find Your Joy Again (In Your Career And Life)”

“When you follow what feels right to you, there is a lot of clarity on the other sidelines of that”

We Talk About:

  • Shifting identities
  • Making Youturns
  • Counter terrorism to career coaching
  • Her first ted talk
  • Noticing the clues on the sidelines
  • First steps to take if don’t feel aligned in a career
  • Remembering who you are
  • Joy journaling
  • How our career can intersect with our joy
  • Paying attention to patterns
  • What the core nature is
  • Where are you gifted
  • Questions to ask yourself and others to discover your core nature
  • 3 ways you have make a youturn in your life
  • Asking for helping and having conversations
  • Helping others with ted talks
  • Why is a  ted talk such a powerful tool
  • What you need to know about a ted talk
  • Building your personal brand
  • The power of a personal brand
  • Living in your Dharma

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Podcasts, Purposeful Living, Transformation



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If you are on this journey too, help me find you and hashtag #Passionlovepursuit . This is an incredible journey. Let’s keep this pursuit in action!



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