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Rudi Riekstins shares his journey of overcoming feelings of unworthiness and the importance of embracing one’s true authentic self. He emphasizes that everyone is created perfectly and is worthy of belonging in any space they walk into. Rudi discusses the power of identity and how it can either lead us to where we want to go or hold us back. He introduces the concept of priming, which involves intentionally setting the emotional state in the first 20 minutes of the day to align with desired outcomes. By changing our thoughts and feelings, we can transform our behavior and create a more intentional and purposeful life. Rudi Riekstins emphasizes the power of visualization and intentionality in creating a fulfilling life. He suggests anchoring positive emotions and experiences in the morning to set the tone for the day. Rudi explains that every morning, we have the choice to either go up or down in our elevator of life, and the energy frequency on each floor determines our experiences. He also discusses the importance of knowing oneself and setting intentions in every situation. Rudi believes that true joy and fulfillment come from giving selflessly and creating impact in the lives of others.



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Erica Lippy is a Los Angeles Native, renowned fit model, and the creator of Passion Love Pursuit; an intentional movement that encourages you to become your best self—living a vibrant life more passionately and purposefully. Her 16 years of expertise and vast knowledge in design, fit, and technical detail has made Erica one of the most sought after fit models (not to be mistaken for a fitness model) in Los Angeles. Having reached success in being known for her body and curves, she knows she has a much bigger purpose to serve.

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