Mindset Of A Millionaire: Achieving Anything You See Possible For You With Emily Vavra

15th Feb, 2021

Erica Lippy

Abundance, Life Hacks, Podcasts

Today will be an episode that will inspire you and let you know that anything is possible once you set your mind, intention, and focus to lead you in the direction of your dreams. 

My guest is a true example of just this. Going from barely making ends meet and unfulfilled, to being a top earner millionaire and living a life of impact and fulfillment. Emily Vavra will help guide you on creating the life you desire and manifesting it into reality. She shares her success must do’s and do not do’s. How she is able to balance between you masculine and feminine energies. How she became a top earner in her company. Learn today how you can use the same tools she shares to create massive success in your life too.

Welcome Emily Vavra. Emily is a female Entrepreneur who had a dream and went for it. She is a LA-based wellness leader and speaker has been an entrepreneur since 2010 and has helped thousands of other entrepreneurs build their own health, wealth, and financial freedom. 

 Emily is a global traveler speaking to filled arenas on business topics, mindset issues, motivational stories, and more. Her ability to connect with audiences on various issues, from simple tips on productivity to lifestyle tips, is largely due to her authenticity. Known for her #RealTalk, Emily is innovative, delivering with knowledge, style, and just enough edge to ensure value to those listening. She’s a true “hard work pays off” story that resonates – raising the frequency of whoever is listening. Emily is Yahoo’s top 10 Entrepreneurs to follow in 2020 and has recently been featured on Good Morning America, NBC, KTLA, Life & Style Magazine, Thrive Global, Forbes, and more!

Now let’s talk about this subject:

“Mindset Of A Millionaire: Achieving Anything You See Possible For You”

Are you wanting to learn how to create massive success in your life and also achieve the dream life you see for yourself? Today’s episode with Emily Vavra will give you the mindset tools you need to create the success you desire in your life and be fulfilled while doing it.

“God will meet you at your expectation”

We Talk About:

  • what she did differently once she made the decision to change the direction of your life
  • why we must go all in, not tippy toe our way to our dreams
  • staying in it even when you want to quit
  • the skill of inviting
  • creating your compelling vision 
  • asking yourself important and smart questions
  • why you should create a vision board
  • asking yourself certain questions daily
  • what her mentor immediately had her do to successful start her network marketing off the right way
  • how to begin a Network marketing business
  • the personal development side of network marketing
  • Creating space and peace for yourself
  • How to start designing your personal vision board — a different approach 
  • The hustle of success. Staying in balance with feminine and masculine
  • Success most do and do nots
  • Being intentional about your life
Resources included in episode

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Emily Vavra’s YouTube

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Abundance, Life Hacks, Podcasts



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If you are on this journey too, help me find you and hashtag #Passionlovepursuit . This is an incredible journey. Let’s keep this pursuit in action!



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