Long live the Reckless and the Brave

19th Nov, 2016

Erica Lippy

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This was not my first jump. Nor was it my second. This was, in fact, my third jump. I had been itching to experience the rush again.

What’s fear? Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane for no reason, other than to endure the rush, the adrenaline, and the feeling of flying that comes with the freefall? To me, those reasons are perfectly divine.

Many can’t fathom the idea. Why would any sane person ever jump out of a plane? But for me, life is meant to be lived. You’re more likely to die while hang gliding, SCUBA diving, or mountain hiking than you are while skydiving, and base jumping is the riskiest recreational activity you can do. Even driving puts you at a greater risk of being killed. So with all of that being said… live your adventure.

This jump took place at Skydive Coastal California, which is 45 minutes west of Los Angeles at Camarillo Airport. The jump site offers views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding valley. The company specializes in working with first-time jumpers, so even if you’re a beginner, you can simply relax and enjoy the flight.

The small plane, which will only take two tandem jumpers at a time, will reach a jumping altitude of 10,000 feet. Jumpers will freefall at 120 miles per hour for 30-40 seconds, and once the parachute opens, you’ll be peacefully gliding down through the friendly skies.

Just a little excited…

The experience goes by so quickly, so enjoy the ride. It will be something you will always remember, and you’ll be thankful you had the opportunity and braveness to do it.

…highly recommend flipping (I always request this)

Long Live the Reckless and the Brave


Blog, Experiences, Purposeful Living



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