Key To Longevity And Health — Maintaining A Healthy Lymphatic System With Perry Nickelston

30th Nov, 2020

Erica Lippy

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Today’s episode is absolutely informative and a must for anyone to listen to. As we all know, our body is a system. There is not one system that operates on its own. We are not supposed to have chronic pain, diseases, autoimmune disorders, or chronic inflammation. It’s only our body telling us something is wrong and sometimes a doctor will only look at the outcome, not address the root cause. Today will provide you with knowledge and deeper understanding of another important system in your body that is often ignored, that is the Lymphatic system. 

My guest, Perry Nickelston, is a Chiropractic Physician with a primary focus on Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, and Metabolic Fitness Nutrition. Dr. Perry is an expert in movement assessment and diagnosis. Certified and trained as a Functional Movement Specialist, He uses programs designed to find your source of painful dysfunction and correct it. His mission is to empower you to take back control of your life from chronic pain. With suffering from his own health issues, he discovered the root cause stemmed from a poor lymphatic system and from that he dedicated his time to learn everything there was to know about the lymphatic system. In discovering how vital of a role it plays in our health, it became his mission to bring more awareness to addressing our lymphatic system so that we can live a healthy life free of inflammation, chronic pain, and sustain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Now let’s talk about this subject:

“Key To Longevity And Health — Maintaining A Healthy Lymphatic System”

Are you having chronic pain, inflammation, swollen joints, or simply feeling uncomfortable in your body? Something just doesn’t feel right and after countless doctors visits you still are left feeling hopeless with no solution to the problem. Instead of looking at the symptom we need to address what is the root cause of the problem. One system that is ignored too often is the lymphatic system. Learn today the importance of the lymphatic system, its functions, and why you must take care of it to maintain good health and increase your longevity

“Pain doesn’t tell you where the problem is, it just tells you there is a problem”

We Talk About:

  • Addressing the root cause of health problems
  • What is the lymphatic system
  • The largest part of your immune system is the lymph system and 80% resides in your gut
  • The lymphatic system is a huge part of your cardiovascular system
  • The lymphatic is sewerage system of your body
  • How to strengthen our immune system
  • 2 most easiest ways to move lymph
  • Why is the US  is not looking at the lymph system
  • No system in the body works alone
  • How can we recognize our body has a lymphatic problem
  • Where are the biggest lymph nodes in our body
  • What contributes to weight gain
  • Our lymphatic system is like an aquarium
  • Two things that cause chronic disease: Deficiency and toxicity
  • Why you need to take care of the lymphatic system first
  • How to get stuck lymph moving — do it yourself
  • Why our lymph gets swollen
  • Delayed onset allergy: Why allergy will appear out of nowhere
  • Additional ways to move our lymph
  • Why is matters what you put on your skin — non toxic products
  • How often should we get up and move, if sitting most of your day

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health & wellness, Podcasts



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If you are on this journey too, help me find you and hashtag #Passionlovepursuit . This is an incredible journey. Let’s keep this pursuit in action!



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