Going From Success to Significance — Stepping Into Your True Calling With Noah Elias

8th Jun, 2020

Erica Lippy

Abundance, Life Hacks, Podcasts, Purposeful Living

Many talk about wanting success in life, but very seldom do we hear of people striving for significance. Are you wanting to live this life impacting more lives and leaving an imprint that will last for eternity? Today’s incredible conversation I hope will impact you in a profound way and will open your eyes to a new way of living.

Welcome Noah Elias, recognized as of the Top 25 artists in the world by Art Business New Magazine. Noah’s partnerships and collaborations  are extensive. One he is most famous for is his partnership with Walt Disney Company — where he create “Noah-versions” of Disney characters.

He is the founder and CEO of Great Flood Publishing Inc. and Noah Studios Inc. Noah is creator of “The Kid In Me™” which tells the adventures of the kid in each of us through the eyes of a child. He is also the author of the best selling book “Speedbumps” and the life-transforming book #Fearhunters, which helps people remove fear and shame from their life so they may live in their true identity and calling.

Leveraging the success of his art career, Noah launched several new companies helping mentor entrepreneurs worldwide into their calling and helping individuals grow their platforms for a life of impact through www.noahuniversity.com. Noah was recently voted by Microsoft as one of the 10 most influential companies under 10 employees.

Today, Noah shares with us his journey of going from success to significance and how we can too live a life of significance. That our purpose on earth serves a much greater good and how we can plant seeds that bears fruit for decades to come.

Now let’s talk about this subject:

“Going From Success to Significance With Noah Elias”

How many times have we said I want to be successful? How many of us see success as the point to should strive for? Have you ever thought there is a much bigger pursuit we should have and that is significance — to be a person that lives to impact others and plant seeds that last for decades or even eternity. Would you like to discover your calling and learn how you can be best used for the service of others? How to use your time, talent and treasure to plant more seeds that bear more fruit. We you like to create the space for God to show up more in your life? Noah Elias shares his experience and his mission to help you go from success to significance.

“Don’t aim for success. Be a professional giver”

We talk about:

  • How we can use our time, talent and treasure to plant more seeds
  • How to discover your unique calling and leverage your gifts to make a difference for the kingdom of God
  • Why risk and danger are necessary for living a life of faith.
  • Creating the space for God to show up everyday in your life
  • The art of relationships
  • Why success is never an accident
  • How our limitations affect our fruitfulness
  • Having a partnership with God
  • Making investments that will pay off for an eternity
  • Valuing the time spent with your partner and kids

More insight…

If you were to write a book on your life’s story. What would be a piece of advice you would share to others on the first page?

What does a passionate purposeful life look like to you?

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If you are on this journey too, help me find you and hashtag #Passionlovepursuit . This is an incredible journey. Let’s keep this pursuit in action!


Abundance, Life Hacks, Podcasts, Purposeful Living

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If you are on this journey too, help me find you and hashtag #Passionlovepursuit . This is an incredible journey. Let’s keep this pursuit in action!



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