How Minerals Impact Our Overall Health, Longevity, And Functionality With Barton Scott of Upgraded Formulas

8th Aug, 2022

Erica Lippy

health & wellness, Life Hacks, Podcasts

I learned about this topic when I recently attended The Health Optimization summit in London. I feel I’m pretty informed when it comes to improving overall health, although I’ll admit this topic for myself was pretty new. After learning more about today’s topic and personally getting my own assessment, I now can honestly say this is something everyone should learn more about.

My guest Barton Scott is the founder and CEO of Upgraded Formulas.  He is a chemical engineer that used this background coupled with being a nutritionist and researcher to start his company, Upgraded Formulas. Barton is passionate about helping people combat the stressors of daily life, the toxicity of the modern world, the utter lack of nutrients, and the mineral absorption issues that we all face, and he has made it his mission to reduce suffering by increasing the public’s understanding of the human body’s interrelationships.

Now let’s talk about this subject:

How Minerals Impact Our Overall Health, Longevity, And Functionality

Without minerals our whole system can’t functional optimally. Today you will learn why minerals are essential to our overall health and how it impacts our thyroid, adrenals, metabolism, hormones, sleep, and more. In today’s modern world we are lacking the essentials nutrients and minerals in food and in our water. This depletion makes most of us deficient in the important minerals our body need’s to be in optimal balance and overall health. Learn why we must test, not guess by getting an accurate assessment through hair testing. Barton Scott of Upgraded Formulas explains why we must get our minerals back into balance.

“Test, don’t guess”

We Talk About:

  • Why minerals are so important to our wellbeing
  • Why health hacks won’t work well if you don’t have certain elements in place first
  • Why hair testing is more accurate than blood for minerals and toxicity, the key minerals that affect our hormones
  • How minerals affect our thyroid, adrenals, metabolism, wellbeing, and even the polarity in our relationships
  • The importance of absorption and what makes Upgraded Formulas different
  • Getting your own hair analysis test and consultation
  • How everything is connected and supports another
  • Why this is not talked about the importance of mineral testing
  • What high calcium might cause
  • Why need to address absorption rate to cure a deficiency
  • How a hair test is read and having a helpful consultation to go over results
  • What are the most common deficiencies
  • Heavy metals toxicity and what helps reduce it
  • What supports the thyroid and signs you are unbalanced
  • How low iodine levels affects our personality
  • What is nanotechnology and why this is unique
  • The core minerals for our hormones
  • How to address hormones imbalances

More insight…

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health & wellness, Life Hacks, Podcasts



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If you are on this journey too, help me find you and hashtag #Passionlovepursuit . This is an incredible journey. Let’s keep this pursuit in action!



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